Koss corporation case study

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How an embezzler stole millions from a small company

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Koss Corp: Anatomy of an Alleged $31 Million Fraud

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Build your free wedding website with your customized look and feel. Choose from a selection of design schemes and colors. New details have emerged on the methods used and the outcomes following the case of year-old convicted embezzler Sujata “Sue” Sachdeva, who was the trusted year veteran vice president of finance, secretary, and principal accounting officer of.

Koss Corporation Is a Grossly Overvalued, Dying Company That Has Major Management Koss Corporation Is a Grossly Overvalued, Dying Company That Has Major Management Concerns, Stocks: KOSS, release date:Aug 14, Home. Homepage; Membership Levels Here is a case study I found that talks about the situation in-depth for those who are.

According to United States Attorney James L. Santelle “this case is one of the largest embezzlement cases ever brought in this district, and demonstrates the ongoing commitment of this office and the FBI to investigate and prosecute white collar offenses.”.

Koss Corporation Is a Grossly Overvalued, Dying Company That Has Major Management Concerns

Expert in Koss Case Blames Michael Koss and Management for Fraud It has been almost four years since the massive fraud committed by Sujata Sachdeva against her employer, Koss Corp., was uncovered. A year after the discovery, Koss sued Park Bank for failing to. KOSS CORPORATION Background company Q4: How is it possible that the particular person or persons get involved in the problem?

Michael J. Koss Education Background: Anthropology Share: >70% owned by Koss family External Auditor Copy of EPPA INTEGRATION CASE STUDY More prezis by author Popular presentations. See more popular or.

Koss corporation case study
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