Satera team case study

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Satera Team at Imatron Systems Inc. (A) Case Solution

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Satera Team at Imatron Systems Inc. (A) HBS Case Analysis

After discussing the situation with VP of R&D Rick Levinger, team leader Gary Pinto realizes he must take decisive action.

This case presents a profile of the company, the team, the Satera project, and the team members, focusing on Pinto and the dueling engineers. Escalating conflict within the Satera product development team broke out which.

Contradictory from the cognitive styles of the two Senior Mechanical Engineers The conflict has taken a toll on both project progress and team morale, threatened one of the most important initiatives in Imatron Systems, Inc. Satera Team at Imatron Systems Inc A Case Solution Escalating conflict has erupted within the Satera product development team, resulting from the conflicting cognitive.

SATERA CASE STUDY 2 Satera Case Study The Satera team is facing a situation that I have seen play out in many of the work groups that I have worked with. There are so many different contributing factors, but at the heart of the issue is the apparent personality conflict between two of their senior engineers.

Satera Team at Imatron Systems Inc. (A) Case Solution, The escalating conflict erupted in the product development team Satera conflict resulting cognitive styles.

Aug 23,  · Satera Team at Imatron Systems abstract (for all you guys:)) Based on the case study his MBTI type is probably ISTJ. He has been very conservative in his approach for the new system and his very introverted and seems to lack confidence in a group setting when conflict is evident.

The structure of the Satera team has only.

Satera team case study
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Pa - 1: Satera Team at Imatron Systems abstract ( for all you guys :) )